12 October 2015

Global Finance Award

Global Finance magazine recognises IFFIm sukuk

Fifth award for the sukuk since November 2014 issuance.

16 July 2015

Addis Action Agenda highlights role of IFFIm model

Ethiopia Conference billed as critical building block in identifying new Sustainable Development Goals calls for wider application of IFFIm funding mechanism.

17 June 2015

Financial Times presents 'Achievement in Transformational Finance Award' to IFFIm

Fourth major award for IFFIm’s November 2014 sukuk transaction.

12 May 2015

IFFIm awarded prize for 'Innovation in Islamic Finance 2015'

Third global award given for IFFIm’s November sukuk transaction.

04 March 2015

IFFIm honoured for 'Best Supranational Sukuk' for 2014

Second such award given for IFFIm’s November sukuk transaction

04 February 2015

Gavi commends donor support of life-saving work through IFFIm

Innovative finance tool will continue to provide funding for lifesaving vaccines.

01 July 2011


Independent evaluation confirms IFFIm success

HLSP analysis finds IFFIm transformative and a 'strong case for further investment'.

14 June 2011

GAVI pledging conference London

Brazil to become IFFIm donor, Italy increases funding

Italy and Brazil have pledged US$ 37 million and US$ 20 million respectively to IFFIm to support GAVI's vaccination programmes.


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