IFFIm address and details of contact personnel


International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company
2 Lambs Passage
London EC1Y 8BB

IFFIm media inquiries

James Fulker
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
+41 79 429 5505
+41 22 909 2926

World Bank media inquiries

Melanie Mayhew
The World Bank
+1 202-406-0504
+1 202-458-7891

Legal inquiries

Alison Jensen
Associate Legal Counsel | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
+41 22 909 6619

65 million

In 2017 alone, 65 million children were immunised with Gavi-supported vaccines. This equates to more than 190 million points of contact between these children and the primary health system and provides a robust platform for other health interventions.


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