• Bonds

  • IFFIm raises finance by issuing bonds in the capital markets

  • IFFIm raises finances by issuing Vaccine Bonds in the capital markets and so converts long-term pledges from donor governments into immediate cash resources.

    The long-term government pledges will be used to repay the IFFIm bonds. The World Bank acts as treasury manager to IFFIm.

    So far IFFIm bonds have raised more than US$ 6 billion in immediately available cash resources for Gavi immunisation programmes.

  • Previous issuances

    Previous issuances

    Use our timeline to chart all vaccine bond issuances in capital markets around the world since their launch in London in 2006.

  • Bond documentation


    Download documents on Global Debt Issuance Programme, Pricing Supplements and Australian and New Zealand Medium-Term Note Programme.

  • Rating reports

    Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investor Service and Standard & Poor's have rated IFFIm as AA/Aa1/AA.

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