IFFIm's financial base consists of legally-binding grants from nine sovereign sponsors. By signing the grant agreements, these countries have agreed to pay these obligations in a specified schedule of payments.

To date, the sponsoring countries have committed to pay the following US$ equivalent amounts:

Country Amount committed
  US$ equivalent Currency of pledge
UK United Kingdom   US$ 2,980 million over 23 years GBP 1,630 million
France France US$ 1,884 million over 20 years EUR 1,390 million
Italy Italy   US$ 635 million over 20 years EUR 499 million
Australia Australia   US$ 284 million over 20 years AUD 288 million
Norway Norway US$ 264 million over 15 years US$ 27 million & NOK 1,500 million
Spain Spain US$ 240 million over 20 years EUR 190 million
The Netherlands The Netherlands US$ 181 million over 10 years EUR 80 million & US$ 67 million
Sweden Sweden US$ 38 million over 15 years SEK 276 million
UK South Africa   US$ 20 million over 20 years US$ 20 million
TOTAL  US$ 6.5 billion   


  • US dollar equivalent amounts of donors’ national currency pledges are calculated using the US dollar exchange rate prevailing at signing of the Grant Agreement.
  • Brazil pledged the equivalent of US$ 20 million. A grant agreement is pending.

IFFIm issues bonds based on long-term donor pledges

IFFIm issues bonds based on long-term donor pledges  

Source: Gavi 2018.

US$ 1 = US$ 18

A study in Health Affairs covering 73 Gavi-supported countries over the 2011–2020 period shows that, for every US$ 1 spent on immunisation, US$ 18 are saved in healthcare costs, lost wages and lost productivity due to illness. If we take into account the broader benefits of people living longer, healthier lives, the return on investment rises to US$ 48 per US$ 1 spent.

Ozawa S, Clark S, Portnoy A et al. Return on investment from childhood immunizations in low- and middle-income countries, 2011-20, Health Affairs 2016.

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