IFFIm's financial base consists of legally-binding grants from nine sovereign sponsors. By signing the grant agreements, these countries have agreed to pay these obligations in a specified schedule of payments.

To date, the sponsoring countries have committed to pay the following US$ equivalent amounts:

Country Amount committed
  US$ equivalent Currency of pledge
UK United Kingdom   US$ 2,980 million over 23 years GBP 1,630 million
France France US$ 1,884 million over 20 years EUR 1,390 million
Italy Italy   US$ 635 million over 20 years EUR 499 million
Australia Australia   US$ 284 million over 20 years AUD 288 million
Norway Norway US$ 264 million over 15 years US$ 27 million & NOK 1,500 million
Spain Spain US$ 240 million over 20 years EUR 190 million
The Netherlands The Netherlands US$ 181 million over 10 years EUR 80 million & US$ 67 million
Sweden Sweden US$ 38 million over 15 years SEK 276 million
UK South Africa   US$ 20 million over 20 years US$ 20 million
TOTAL  US$ 6.5 billion   


  • US dollar equivalent amounts of donors’ national currency pledges are calculated using the US dollar exchange rate prevailing at signing of the Grant Agreement.
  • Brazil pledged the equivalent of US$ 20 million. A grant agreement is pending.

IFFIm issues bonds based on long-term donor pledges

IFFIm issues bonds based on long-term donor pledges  

Source: Gavi 2018.

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