IFFIm honoured by editors as capital market's 'SRI Innovation of the Decade'

mtn-i publication also is a strong supporter of the GAVI Alliance

mtn-i 2012 Awards-292

mtn-i, an online and print publisher, honoured IFFIm as the Editor’s Choice for SRI Innovation of the Decade at its recent 10th Anniversary Awards banquet.

London 1 March 2013 – IFFIm has been cited as the “SRI Innovation of the Decade” by mtn-i, a news, data and analytics provider that covers the medium-term note market. The award was given for IFFIm’s role in socially responsible investment.

IFFIm is a “remarkable piece of capital market and MTN innovation,” mtn-i notes in its web story about the awards banquet where IFFIm was honoured. It notes that IFFIm has “raising billions of dollars from a variety of bond and medium-term note market issues to pre-finance the Millennium goal pledges … to immunise children in the poorest parts of the world through the GAVI programme.”

“It is an honour for IFFIm to be recognised by the financial community, our strong partner in supporting GAVI’s mission,” says IFFIm Chair Rene Karsenti. “The award shows that socially-responsible investment is an important part of the financial landscape. Capital markets really can save lives.”

The editors at mtn-i have been strong supporters of the GAVI Alliance, for which IFFIm raises funds in the capital markets. mtn-i has organised charity auctions at past awards ceremonies to benefit GAVI, raising £20,000 (US$ 30,000).


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