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  • 19 December 2018

    IFFIm Newsletter 13

    IFFIm measures up; Gavi mid-term review in UAE assesses past progress, charts future path; Board Chair Cyrus Ardalan talks about IFFIm’s vision for socially responsible investing and its positive impact on Gavi; Gavi extends its IFFIm-funded polio vaccine campaign in Nigeria; IFFIm 2017 bond issuance generates US$ 300 million for vaccines; Bertrand de Mazières offers IFFIm extraordinary experience with social impact investing; Brazil’s US$ 20 million for IFFIm shows commitment to global immunisation

    16 October 2017

    IFFIm Newsletter 12

    IFFIm returns to international U.S. dollar benchmark market with its 2016 issuance; In Côte d’Ivoire, immunisation rebounds; IFFIm looks to the future with four initiatives; Gavi shapes the vaccine market to save more lives; Former IFFIm board member reflects on evolution of socially responsible investing.

    01 August 2016

    IFFIm Newsletter 11

    Approaching 10 years, IFFIm looks back — and ahead; IFFIm issues second Sukuk, raises US$ 200 million; Senegal spotlight: IFFIm’s impact on penta, pneumo and HSS; IFFIm helps make vaccines more affordable; IFFIm supports health system strengthening in Pakistan and Nepal; A growing recognition of IFFIm as model for other development sectors; A lifetime in development finance: IFFIm’s newest board member, Doris Herrera-Pol.

    01 August 2015

    IFFIm Newsletter 10

    With IFFIm support, 5-in-1 vaccine in all 73 Gavi countries; IFFIm makes debut in the Islamic finance market; IFFIm-funded vaccines protect children in Niger from leading causes of death; IFFIm helps make vaccines more affordable; Donors pledge support for Gavi and IFFIm in Berlin; IFFIm’s role in rebuilding health in Ebola affected countries; IFFIm Board welcomes Fatimatou Zahra Diop.

    01 August 2014

    IFFIm Newsletter 9

    IFFIm funded vaccines reach the hardest to reach in Afghanistan; IFFIm plays vital role in Gavi’s replenishment; Immunisation in Nigeria: mobilising a nation for child survival, with the help of IFFIm; How an investment banker put his skills to work in global health; Vaccine Bonds: saving lives and generating returns for investors.

    12 July 2013

    IFFIm Newsletter 8

    Innovative Finance Newsletter 8: July 2013 IFFIm disbursements for pentavalent now US$ 1.17 billion How the ‘walkers’ of the Haitian mountains deliver vaccines, with the help of IFFIm Keeping kids healthy and alive is not so easy in the tiny Haitian mountain village of Taillefer. [Français]

    07 August 2012

    IFFIm Newsletter 7

    Innovative Finance Newsletter 7: August 2012 Cost, maturity point to strong market return IFFIm raises US$ 137 million, boosting GAVI’s efforts to immunise a quarter billion children IFFIm made a strong return to the capital markets this summer, raising US$ 137 million with two appearances in the Japanese “uridashi” retail. [Japanese]

    28 June 2011

    IFFIm Newsletter 6

    An independent report has confirmed IFFIm's success in helping save additional lives. IFFIm continues to expand funding to support immunisation programmes in developing countries. Also, Australia has become IFFIm's ninth government donor and Brazil has also committed to joining.


    01 June 2010

    IFFIm Newsletter 5

    Funds provided by IFFIm from 2006 to the end of 2008 have helped save more than 3 million lives by accelerating access of immunisations to developing countries through GAVI Alliance. There is a high demand for vaccine bonds in Japan. Also, IFFIm has seen an expansion of new funding.

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    01 June 2009

    IFFIm Newsletter 4

    Since 2006, IFFIm has raised more than US$ 2 billion on the international capital markets to support GAVI Alliance. The issue discusses the sterling debut bringing in £266 million; the Pope being recogned as IFFIm's first investor; and the continued success of vaccine bonds in Japan.

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    01 June 2008

    IFFIm Newsletter 3

    This issue highlights the success of vaccine bonds in Japan. IFFIm continues to build on present success with its goal to raise US$ 4 billion for immunisation between 2006 and 2015.

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    01 November 2007

    IFFIm Newsletter 2

    This issue assesses IFFIm's impact one year after its inception. 90% of approved funds scheduled for disbursement before the end of 2007.

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    01 April 2007

    IFFIm Newsletter 1

    This issue highlights impressive initial results following the launch of IFFIm. Also, the update covers health systems strengthening; stockpiles; results from IFFIm funding; and IFFIm's first bond issuance.

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