IFFIm updates

16 October 2017

IFFIm Update 12

IFFIm returns to international U.S. dollar benchmark market with its 2016 issuance; In Côte d’Ivoire, immunisation rebounds; IFFIm looks to the future with four initiatives; Gavi shapes the vaccine market to save more lives; Former IFFIm board member re ects on evolution of socially responsible investing.

01 August 2016

IFFIm Update 11

Approaching 10 years, IFFIm looks back — and ahead; IFFIm issues second Sukuk, raises US$ 200 million; Senegal spotlight: IFFIm’s impact on penta, pneumo and HSS; IFFIm helps make vaccines more affordable; IFFIm supports health system strengthening in Pakistan and Nepal; A growing recognition of IFFIm as model for other development sectors; A lifetime in development finance: IFFIm’s newest board member, Doris Herrera-Pol.

01 August 2015

IFFIm Update 10

With IFFIm support, 5-in-1 vaccine in all 73 Gavi countries; IFFIm makes debut in the Islamic finance market; IFFIm-funded vaccines protect children in Niger from leading causes of death; IFFIm helps make vaccines more affordable; Donors pledge support for Gavi and IFFIm in Berlin; IFFIm’s role in rebuilding health in Ebola affected countries; IFFIm Board welcomes Fatimatou Zahra Diop.

01 August 2014

IFFIm Update 9

IFFIm funded vaccines reach the hardest to reach in Afghanistan; IFFIm plays vital role in Gavi’s replenishment; Immunisation in Nigeria: mobilising a nation for child survival, with the help of IFFIm; How an investment banker put his skills to work in global health; Vaccine Bonds: saving lives and generating returns for investors.

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